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This is a picture of Tori Amos. I put it on my links page because she's gazing out of a window, as you are symbolically looking through the "window" of my site to other websites out there.

Actually, I just put this picture here because I <3 Tori. Carry on.

Search Engines
Google! Everyone loves Google! :)
Ask Jeeves Whoever Jeeves is, he knows everything.
Yahoo! Yahoochie, as a friend of mine likes to call it.

Other links, mostly music-related A great place to buy CDs and find information on indie artists. If you can't find a CD in stores, it's probably here.
Slice of Heaven My friend Kim's site about Christian music. It's really pretty and she updates a lot.
Righteous Babe Records Ani DiFranco's record label. Sells her CDs as well as those by other artists.
Fardreamers My friend's site about Lord of the Rings, Elijah Wood and other stuff. Not music-related, but Elijah Wood has the best musical taste of any celebrity I know of.
The Appletree My other friend's site, about LOTR star Dominic Monaghan, S Club, and other stuff.
Kazaa C'mon, you know you want it.
Morpheus Another mp3-sharing service. I don't use it, but I imagine it works pretty well.